James Van Der Beek




Cheshire, Connecticut, USA:


Downsizing (2017)
as Anesthesiologist
Power/Rangers (2015)
as Rocky
Labor Day (2013)
as Officer Treadwell
The Magic Bracelet (2013)
as Joe
Backwards (2012)
as Geoff
Salem Falls (2011)
as Jack St. Bride
The Big Bang (2011)
as Adam Nova
Inspired by Bret Easton Ellis (2010)
as Sean Bateman
Formosa Betrayed (2010)
as Jake Kelly
Mrs. Miracle (2009)
as Seth Webster
Stolen Lives (2009)
as Diploma / Roggiani
The Storm (2009)
as Dr. Jonathan Kirk
Taken in Broad Daylight (2009)
as Tony Zappa
Eye of the Beast (2007)
as Dan Leland
Final Draft (2007)
as Paul Twist
The Plague (2006)
as Tom Russell
Standing Still (2005)
as Simon
Oh, What a Lovely Tea Party (2004)
as Himself
The Rules of Attraction (2002)
as Sean Bateman
Texas Rangers (2001)
as Lincoln Rogers Dunnison
Scary Movie (2000)
as Dawson Leery
Varsity Blues (1999)
as Jonathan 'Mox' Moxon
Harvest (1999)
Angus (1995)
as Rick Sandford
Power/Rangers (2015)