Christian McKay




Bury, UK:


The Leisure Seeker (2018)
as Will Spencer
Crooked House (2017)
as Roger Leonides
Provenance (2017)
as John
ChickLit (2016)
as David Rose
Florence Foster Jenkins (2016)
as Earl Wilson
The Young Messiah (2016)
as Cleopas
Churchill's Secret (2016)
as Christopher Soames
Draw on Sweet Night (2015)
Creditors (2015)
as Grant Pierce
The Theory of Everything (2014)
as Roger Penrose
The Last Sparks of Sundown (2014)
as Rupert Sword
Northern Soul (2014)
as John's Dad
Serena (2014)
as Banker in Boston
Closer to the Moon (2013)
as Iorgu Ristea
Legacy (2013)
as Hugo March
Rush (2013)
as Lord Hesketh
The Devil's Violinist (2013)
as John Watson
I Melt with You (2011)
as Tim
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011)
as Mackelvore
Astonish Me (2011)
as The Museum Guard
Mr. Nice (2010)
as Hamilton McMillan
The Road to Coronation Street (2010)
as Harry Elton
You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (2010)
as Sy
Me and Orson Welles (2009)
as Orson Welles
Margaret (2009)
as John Whittingdale
A Short Stay in Switzerland (2009)
as Carsten
Riot at the Rite (2005)
as Pierre Monteux