Kevin Whately




Back With The Boys Again (2013)
as Himself
Some Dogs Do (2011)
as narrator
Joe Maddison's War (2010)
as Joe Maddison
Little Rabbit Foo Foo (2009)
as Narrator
Cowboy Baby (2009)
as Narrator
We're Going on a Bear Hunt (2009)
as Narrator
Carlo and the Really Nice Librarian (2008)
as Narrator
Who Gets the Dog (2007)
as Jack Evans
The Ravenous Beast (2007)
as voice
Can't You Sleep, Little Bear? (2006)
as Narrator
Dad (2005)
as Oliver James
Belonging (2004)
as Jacob Copplestone
Promoted to Glory (2003)
as Maj. Nigel Hurst
Purely Belter (2000)
as Mr. Caird
Paranoid (2000)
as Clive
The English Patient (1996)
as Sgt. Hardy
Trip Trap (1996)
Skallagrigg (1994)
as Sam Hopkins
Night Voice (1990)
as Neil Baldwin