James Kirk




Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada:


Welcome to Christmas (2018)
as Harrison
My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Rollercoaster of Friendship (2018)
as Micro Chips
Boundaries (2018)
as Jimmy The Dogwasher
Animal Behaviour (2018)
as Jeffrey (Voice)
Same Time Next Week (2017)
as Jeff
Newlywed and Dead (2016)
as Gus Hoffman
Love on the Sidelines (2016)
as Elliot
Reluctant Witness (2015)
as Jimmy Collins
Behemoth (2011)
as Jerrod
Frankie & Alice (2010)
as Bobby
The Seamstress (2009)
as Albert
The Party Never Stops: Diary of a Binge Drinker (2007)
as Colin
Dr. Dolittle 3 (2006)
as Peter
She's the Man (2006)
as Sebastian Hastings
Two for the Money (2005)
as Denny
Naughty or Nice (2004)
as Michael
X2 (2003)
as Ronny Drake
Final Destination 2 (2003)
as Tim Carpenter
Talking to Heaven (2002)
as Eddie Katz, Molly's Son
Head Over Heels (2001)
as Tommy
Golf Punks (1998)
as Peter