Elizabeth Peña




Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA:


Grandma (2015)
as Carla
Ana Maria in Novela Land (2015)
as Sra. Soto
Girl on the Edge (2015)
as Esther
Plush (2013)
as Dr. Lopez
Blaze You Out (2013)
as Dona
In the Dark (2013)
as Dr. Weinette
The Perfect Family (2011)
as Christina Rayes
Nothing Like the Holidays (2008)
as Anna Rodriguez
A Single Woman (2008)
as Storyteller
Racing for Time (2008)
as Flores
Love Comes Lately (2007)
as Esperanza
Goal! II: Living the Dream (2007)
as Rosa Maria
디워 (2007)
as Agent Linda Perez
Adrift in Manhattan (2007)
as Isabel Parades
Transamerica (2005)
as Margaret
Sueño (2005)
as Mirabela
Keep Your Distance (2005)
as Holly
Down in the Valley (2005)
as Gale
How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer (2005)
as Lolita
The Incredibles (2004)
as Mirage (voice)
Suburban Madness (2004)
as Clara Harris
Zig Zag (2002)
as Ms. Tate
Ten Tiny Love Stories (2002)
On the Borderline (2001)
as Connie
Things Behind the Sun (2001)
as Carmen
Tortilla Soup (2001)
as Leticia Narnjo
Seven Girlfriends (1999)
as Martha
Border Line (1999)
as Maria Rodriguez
Aldrich Ames: Traitor Within (1998)
as Rosario Ames
Strangeland (1998)
as Toni Gage
Rush Hour (1998)
as Tania Johnson
The Pass (1998)
as Zeena
The Second Civil War (1997)
as Christina
Contagious (1997)
as Det. Luisa Rojas
Lone Star (1996)
as Pilar
It Came from Outer Space II (1995)
as Ellen Fields
The Invaders (1995)
as Ellen Garza
Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home (1995)
as Kate Haley
Across the Moon (1995)
as Carmen
Roomates (1994)
as Lisa
Dead Funny (1994)
as Viv Saunders
The Waterdance (1992)
as Rosa
Fugitive Among Us (1992)
as Flo Martin
Jacob's Ladder (1990)
as Jezebel
Blue Steel (1990)
as Tracy Perez
Vibes (1988)
as Consuelo
*batteries not included (1987)
as Marisa Esteval
La Bamba (1987)
as Rosie Morales
Down and Out in Beverly Hills (1986)
as Carmen
Crossover Dreams (1985)
as Liz Garcia
Times Square (1980)
as Disco Hostess
El Super (1979)
as Aurelita