Brinke Stevens




San Diego, California, USA:


Eminence Hill (2019)
as Wilhelmina
RoboWoman (2019)
as Evangeline
Slimoids (2018)
as The Being (voice)
Death Heads: Brain Drain (2018)
House of Pain (2018)
as Brinke
Beach Babe Bingo (2018)
as Auntie Brinke
Mrs. Claus (2018)
as Julie Cornell
Personal Demons (2018)
as Pandora
Death House (2018)
as Head Staffer
Deadtime Tales (2018)
Deadtime Tales 2 (2018)
as Toni Harland - 'Evil Net' (archive footage) (uncredited)
Doses of Horror (2018)
as Taffy ("A Dose of Sorority Girl Night" segment) (archive footage) (uncredited)
The Small Woman in Grey (2017)
as Jessica Coorman
Safe Inside (2017)
as Betsy Kane
The Haunting of Mia Moss (2017)
as Grace Moss
An Evil Curiosity (2017)
as Librarian
Machine Gun Baby (2017)
Hot Tub Party Massacre (2016)
as Jane Jensen
Adam K (2016)
as Mrs. Kraul
Night of Something Strange (2016)
as Teacher
The Ouija Possession (2016)
as Zora Mathias
Terror Toons 3 (2015)
as Pandora
Jonah Lives (2015)
as Zora Mathias
Caesar and Otto's Paranormal Halloween (2015)
as Sashi
3 Scream Queens (2014)
as Ellen
Scream Queens: Horror Heroines Exposed (2014)
as Herself
Disciples (2014)
as Tatiana / Agrat-Bat-Mahlat
Trophy Heads (2014)
as Brinke Stevens
The 50 Best Horror Movies You've Never Seen (2014)
as Herself
Lizzie Borden's Revenge (2013)
as Abby Borden
Head Cases: Serial Killers in the Delaware Valley (2013)
as Julie Quinn
The Trouble with Barry (2013)
as Brinke
Axeman at Cutter's Creek (2013)
as Sheriff Charlene Wopuzer
Caesar and Otto's Deadly Xmas (2012)
as Sashi
No Strings 2: Playtime in Hell (2012)
as Midnite's Sister
1313: Cougar Cult (2012)
as Edwina
Bloody Mary (2011)
as Elle's Mother (voice)
The Summer of Massacre (2011)
as Mrs. Williams
Screaming in High Heels: The Rise & Fall of the Scream Queen Era (2011)
as Herself
Shy of Normal: Tales of New Life Experiences (2011)
as Vinnie Judith Rosenberg
The Psycho Legacy (2010)
as Herself
Sleepless Nights: Revisiting the Slumber Party Massacres (2010)
as Herself
Post-Mortem (2010)
as Julie Quinn
The Horror Vault 3 (2010)
as Missing Girl
Under the Scares (2010)
as Herself
Bloodstruck (2010)
as The Psychiatrist
George: A Zombie Intervention (2009)
as Judy
The Ritual (2009)
as Julie
Caesar and Otto's Summer Camp Massacre (2009)
as Sashi
Demon Divas and the Lanes of Damnation (2009)
as Morgan / Morrigan
Pretty Bloody: The Women of Horror (2009)
as Herself
Her Morbid Desires (2009)
as Brinke
Bryan Loves You (2008)
as Evil Nurse
Blood Scarab (2008)
as Professor Foran
October Moon 2: November Son (2008)
as Nancy
Wonder Womyn Vs. Witchy Woman: Curse of the Kijoka Talisman (2008)
as Witchy Woman
The Boneyard Collection (2008)
Head Case (2007)
as Julie
Crazy Animal (2007)
as Mary Bruckenhiemer
Silent Vengeance (2007)
as Gina Phillips
Sigma Die! (2007)
as Mrs. Angleman
Brinke's Tales of Horror (2007)
as -
Skeleton Key (2006)
as Spiderella
Speedbag (2006)
as Grade School Teacher
All Hallows (2006)
as -
Evil Ever After (2006)
as Linda
Slaughter Party (2005)
as Donna Siebert
October Moon (2005)
as Nancy
Heaven Help Me, I'm In Love (2005)
as Lily
Exterminator City (2005)
as Hair Brushing Victim
The Naked Monster (2005)
as Dr. Nikki Carlton
Dead Things (2005)
as Mama McGill / Secretary / Madison Donner
Demon Sex (2005)
as The Dragon Lady
Spacemen, Go-go Girls and the True Meaning of Christmas (2004)
as Candy Can-Cans
Mark of the Astro-Zombies (2004)
as Cindy Natale
Blood Reaper (2004)
as Sosha
Tele-Zombie (2004)
as Wednesday Toogood
Vampires vs. Zombies (2004)
as Julia / State Trooper
Dr. Horror's Erotic House of Idiots (2004)
as Herself
Xeline (2004)
as -
That's Independent! (2004)
as Herself
Vicious (2003)
as Woman Camper
Something to Scream About (2003)
as Herself / Hostess
Severe Injuries (2003)
as Umbrella Shower Woman
Expendable (2003)
as David's Girlfriend
Delta Delta Die! (2003)
as Rhonda Cooper
Zombiegeddon (2003)
as Laura Reynolds
Birth Rite (2003)
as Mona Proctor
Mega Scorpions (2003)
as Helen
Cheerleader Massacre (2003)
as Linda
Corpses Are Forever (2003)
as Dr. Emily Thesiger
Nightwalkers (2003)
as The Historian
Dead Clowns (2003)
as Lillian
Final Appointment (2003)
as Dr. Steiner
Bleed (2002)
as Phyllis Patterson
Hell Asylum (2002)
as Head Spectre
The Frightening (2002)
as Mrs. Peterson
We're Coming to Help (2002)
as Rachelle Alicina
American Nightmare (2002)
as Lisa
Witchouse III: Demon Fire (2001)
as Lilith
Web of Darkness (2001)
as Intensity
Victoria's Shadow (2001)
as Victoria
HorrorVision (2001)
as Toni
The Vampire Hunters Club (2001)
as Brinke
Hell Night (2001)
as Dr. Gates
Real Time: Siege at Lucas Street Market (2001)
as Janet
To Dance With Death (2000)
as The Angel of Death
Julia Wept (2000)
as Kathryn
Submerged (2000)
as Bartender (uncredited)
Sideshow (2000)
as Madame Volosca
Blood on the Backlot (2000)
as Sabrina Morgan
The Kid with X-Ray Eyes (1999)
as Agent X11's Sexy Girl
Auditions from Beyond (1999)
as Narrator
Some Nudity Required (1998)
as Herself
Mom, Can I Keep Her? (1998)
as Jenna
Bimbo Movie Bash (1997)
as Shala / Taffy
Mommy's Day (1997)
as Beth Conway
Eyes Are Upon You (1997)
as Amanda
Hybrid (1997)
as Dr. Leslie Morgan
Over the Wire (1996)
as Jenny
Invisible Mom (1996)
as Dr. Price
Masseuse (1996)
as Hotel Manager (as C.B. Stevens)
Theater Dark Video Magazine (1996)
as Herself
Repligator (1996)
as Dr. Goodbody
100 Years of Horror: The Count and Company (1996)
as Herself
Illicit Dreams 2 (1996)
as Dianne
100 Years of Horror: Scream Queens (1996)
as Herself
Mommy (1995)
as Beth
Droid Gunner (1995)
as Kitten
Jack-O (1995)
as Witch
Acting on Impulse (1993)
as Waitress
Zombie Jamboree (1993)
as Herself
Munchie (1992)
as Band Member
Invasion of the Scream Queens (1992)
as Herself
Roots of Evil (1992)
as Candy
Teenage Exorcist (1991)
as Dianne
Shock Cinema: Volume One (1991)
as Herself / Hostess
Shock Cinema: Volume Four (1991)
as Narrator (voice)
Shock Cinema: Volume Three (1991)
as Narrator
Shock Cinema: Volume Two (1991)
as Herself / Hostess
Scream Queen Hot Tub Party (1991)
as Herself
Bad Girls from Mars (1990)
as Myra
Spirits (1990)
as Amy Goldwyn
Mob Boss (1990)
as Sara
Haunting Fear (1990)
as Victoria Monroe
Chinatown Connection (1990)
as Missy
My Lovely Monster (1990)
as Party Guest
Dark Romances Vol. 2 (1990)
as Diana
Shadows in the City (1990)
as Fortune Teller
Dark Romances Vol. 1 (1990)
as Diana / Radio DJ / Model
Phantom of the Mall: Eric's Revenge (1989)
as Girl in Dressing Room (uncredited)
Transylvania Twist (1989)
as Betty Lou
The Jigsaw Murders (1989)
as Stripper #1 - Nancy
Grandma's House (1989)
as Woman
Nightmare Sisters (1988)
as Marci
Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama (1988)
as Taffy
Warlords (1988)
as Dow's Wife
Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity (1987)
as Shala
¡Three Amigos! (1986)
as Silent Movie Actress
Psycho III (1986)
as Body Double
L.A. Streetfighters (1985)
as Boss' Girlfriend (uncredited)
24 Hours to Midnight (1985)
as Devon Grady (voice)
Body Double (1984)
as Girl #3 in Bathroom
Savage Streets (1984)
as Shower Girl
This Is Spinal Tap (1984)
as Girlfriend (uncredited)
Sole Survivor (1984)
as Jennifer
Emmanuelle 4 (1984)
as Dream Girl (uncredited)
Girls of Penthouse (1984)
as Ghost Town Woman
Surf II (1984)
as Student Fan
Red Hot Rock (1984)
as Miss Utah
Fatal Games (1984)
as Shower Girl
Love Scenes (1984)
as Girl in Hot Tub (uncredited)
The Witching (1983)
as Black Sabbath Member (as Berinka Stevens)
Star 80 (1983)
as Extra
The Man Who Wasn't There (1983)
as Nymphet
Private School (1983)
as School Girl (uncredited)
Playboy Video Magazine: Volume 4 (1983)
as Flashdancer
Erotic Images (1983)
as Cheerleader
The Slumber Party Massacre (1982)
as Linda
Let's Do It! (1982)
as Jogging Girl (uncredited)
The Seduction (1982)
as Girl in Sauna (uncredited)
...All the Marbles (1981)
as Extra
Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama 2 (2020)
Personal Demons (2018)
Personal Demons (2018)
Dead Things (2005)
The Perfect Woman (2004)
Dr. Horror's Erotic House of Idiots (2004)
Something to Scream About (2003)
Wild Spirit (2003)
Expendable (2003)
Set Decoration
Teenage Exorcist (1991)
Shock Cinema: Volume One (1991)
Shock Cinema: Volume Two (1991)
Shock Cinema: Volume Four (1991)